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Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby Food: Banana's

Oh the places we go with a Banana!
I, for one, love them. So I usually help myself to a few tastings :)

At 8 months, we have now done a few things with a Banana.

Banana [& Milk] Puree
The most obvious, is a banana puree. I let them get very ripe. Like, black and you think it is trash ripe. If you worry about fruit flies, throw it in the fridge. Once they are ripe enough for my liking, I throw it into the mini food processor and puree away with some milk. Now, here is where I probably have to clarify - I used breast milk (and no, I don't taste test after I add the milk!). If you use formula, then you can add your formula. I would note that this is something I usually reserve to make only when it will be served immediately because pureed banana doesn't look real pretty after a few hours in the fridge...and then, if you add the milk, you have a whole other issue to worry about with storgae!

Sauteed Banana & Butter
Yes, sauteed Banana...in butter. Take a ripe Banana and 1 tbsp of butter and saute it in a pan. Once it's sauteed for about 5 minutes or so, pour into a bowl and mash it up a tad with a fork. Depending on the age of your baby, you may need to fully puree it. At 8 months for my little guy, we can leave it lumpy!
Variation - Mix it with some plain yogurt - sure to be a pleaser -- trust me! I waited until about now, 8 months, to start giving the babe yogurt. I have done some reading, that in smaller amounts, plain yogurt is good for them.

The possibilities of what you can do with a Banana in baby food are endless. Here is another combo I have done:

Some good things to note about the banana:
  • It comes in it's own carry case! Duh! So, once your baby is more of a 'toddler', how easy is it to throw a 'naner in the bag and go! No special packing care required!
  • Banana's have amylase, which is a wonderful enzyme to help aid digestion - it seems a lot of people think banana's can be binding for a baby, but it is actually just the opposite - in moderation, of course!
  • Banana's can actually improve nutrient absorption, according to a study published by Digestive Dieases and Sciences


Susan said...

My whole childhood consisted of peanut butter and jelly, or banana, or pickle (don't scrunch your nose) and I love the dancing banana!
I can't wait to make the bananas for our new grand when she finally arrives. Thanks for the memory. XOXO

Jen! said...

lol my kids love that song!

I despise bananas! smell, taste, texture BUT I make my kids eat them, I just can't watch :)