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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pumpkin Pie - from Scratch

Pumpkin Pie from scratch couldn't be easier. Sure, it takes a little more time, but if you plan accordingly, you'll be much happier you did it this way!

I made my pie the day before I served my turkey dinner.

Hubby was admittedly leary since this pie didn't take on the natural dark tone of the store bought pumpkin pie. I was too - but not admittedly :)

I am happy to say - it was EVEN BETTER than store bought. Much creamier in my opinion! And a very vibrante flavor.

I used good ol' Martha's recipe for the crust and the pie.

I pureed my pumpkin the day before I made the pie. This baby food post I wrote on pumpkin will show you how I do my pumpkin puree - so easy. And don't skip the part where you let the puree drain out some of the water!

I've mentioned before I am not the best with dough - and this pie was no exception. When doing the crust, my first batch was a bust and I had to pitch it. I pulsed it too long in the food processor and it was one gummy, sticky mess. I researched some more online and decided, for the second go-round, I'd forgo Martha's instructions to continue using the food processor when I add the ice water. I instead opted to take Deb's advice and put the flour/butter mix into a bowl to fold in the ice water. (And I must say, I will try this recipe next time - Vodka! Who would have thought!)

This method worked much better for me, though I still think it wasn't perfect. And, when I rolled it out, I didn't have excess dough to trim off. But it turned out good and it tasted good so I'm good with that!
Try your pie like this next time - you won't be disappointed

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Susan said...

Your pie looks perfect and the taste of fresh is really worth the effort. Now, you can relax!