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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Friday, August 7, 2009

And another litter....

Well, to say it has been a whirlwind of a week would be an understatement!

Fair is winding down...thank goodness. Allen didn't get a ribbon for his Zucchini ;) Better luck next year. I didn't get one either for the Banana Cake and I dropped to 3rd place this year for my cheesecake! Damn It!! I KNEW I should have slapped some kind of fruit topping on it! Oh well......

So when I got into work Thursday morning, one of the girls I work with said, "Allison, Ryon [from the Medina Animal Shelter] came to the fair booth last night looking for you." I could only wonder what about; possibly when we'd be coming next to film another Adopt-a-Pals episode? Nah, he'd call. Hmmmmm

The next thing I know, my work phone is ringing. It is the Animal Shelter looking for me. An older gentleman found a mama and [6] day-old kitties and brought them to the shelter, but the kitties were too young to stay there. (They are not really equipped to care for cats & kittens). So, they wanted to know if I could foster them! They had already spoken to Kitten Krazy (GREAT PEOPLE!) and KK agreed to "take the mama & kitties" under their umbrella if I could foster.

So I leave work, meet this nice old man who found them, get them from him and and then head over to KK to get the mom wormed, flea treated etc and pick up the goods...a.k.a. food & litter.

THEN I had to go back to work to film another episode of Adopt-a-Pals with local rescue group Paws & Prayers! What another great group! We filmed some fantastic dogs and the cutest pups ever!!

KK likes to name all their litters after "groups/themes" so I have named Mama cat "Esme" and the rest of the litter will all be named after other Twilight Saga characters once I find out their genders :) I know, I'm weird!

They seem to be settling in well. I am still trying to decide if Esme doesn't KNOW to use the little box, or has a hard time maneuvering to it with 6 kitties hanging from her! *Sigh* So needless to say, I am washing blankets non-stop! EWWWW
Tomorrow is another big day! Updates coming soon!!

6 kitties!

Mama Esme

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