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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Border Line

I have been debating with myself on whether or not I should post this recent turn of developments. It does add to my crazy, hectic life and I have already shared this info with some of my friends & family. Others, like my Mother and M-I-L would benefit from not knowing and my husband was very adamant in me not saying anything to anyone and making a mountain out of a mole hill.

I've decided, even though I still debate as I type, that we were not in the wrong in any way, shape or form so what harm could it do?

As I have recently posted, we have a Chow next door that is not the friendliest dog in the world. She has taken a nick out of Whinny in the past when Whinny got loose and ran into her yard. [Understandably so, Whinny was on her turf!] She is always wandering into our yard, crapping in it and instigating our dogs :/ After last weeks incident, I though her owner took the hint that it was better that her dog stayed in her OWN yard - guess not!

Sunday was a hot day and when the sun cooled off, we were relaxing outside. Ironically, I had commented to Allen how good the dogs were being, just being peaceful, laying in the grass, enjoying the evening. Of course, they did have their ties on so they could not wander off or leave the yard.

One minute, I'm watching Mossy enjoying laying in the grass, the next minute, I see him jump up, bark and take off behind the side of the garage where I could not see him (in the direction of the neighbors with the chow). Instantly I knew the Chow was probably heading our way :/ I saw Mossy's tie go taunt as if he couldn't pull away any further. Then I heard the muffled growls of 2 dogs and, as usual, screamed for Allen.

By the time Allen got to the dogs, he said it looked as though Mossy got a "jab" in and the Chow was reverting back home. I instantly looked Mossy over and then walked him to the opposite side of the yard and tied him to a tree. Then the neighbors BF came over to, I guess, apologize for his dog coming over yet again! I again told him that Mossy is still working on socialization skills and it is best that his dog doesn't come over without us present. I then asked if his dog was ok and his response was "Well, maybe that is what she needs is to get beat up and then maybe she'll learn to stay in her own yard" *sigh - whatever* And I thought that was the end of that - WRONG!

Tuesday night I am feeding the horses and the neighbor is out in her yard and calls me over. As I approach, the Chow charges towards me growling, and I asked with hesitation if she was going to bite; the neighbor assured me she wouldn't. Then, as I look down, I see the side of her stomach area shaved, stitched and gooped up with neosporin. *gulp - my stomach dropped*

She called me over to tell me that her dog probably wouldn't be coming over to visit for awhile. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Does that what she thinks it is when her Chow comes over? A friendly visit?? Is that why she thought I was holding my dog (ok, dogs, but Whinny just wanted to give kisses) back from while I got dragged across the dirt, fingers wrapped up in leashes, was a PLAY DATE?

Clearly, this Chow is aggressive and calls this type of behavior on from other dogs, but the owner fails to see it that way. (Even after she mentioned it was not the first time she'd been in a fight!) I am not saying my dog was in the right, however, he WAS on his own property and he was TIED in his OWN YARD! And yes, we do need to work on more socialization with him, however, the difference is that I realize this and do not allow him to continue to roam other peoples yards recking havoc on the families inhabiting them. {there are more stories I could tell of the Chow's "play date" visits}

So what do I come home to yesterday.....the CHOW in MY YARD - OMFG.....to be continued, I am sure!

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