"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Thursday, August 13, 2009


This could & would only happen to me....and my husband! It's his curse anyways!

What a FRICKING night!! I was finally looking forward to coming home to nothing going on but my usual barn chores - HA - I should have known better.

It all started as I was pulling out of the driveway at work and called Allen to tell him I was on my way home.

Ring Ring... Allen picks up the phone and instead of the usual hello, this is what I get, "You don't even want to know, Daisy is loose, I gotta go...." CLICK


Honestly, this didn't even register with me at first. I just hung up the phone and continued on my drive as if he told me he was also just on his way home. A few minutes later, my phone rings. "Hello"
"I got her"
"Ok, I am almost home" sigh

So, as I pull into the drive, I see Allen standing in the front grass with his a$$ -- yes, I called her an a$$...and him too! ;)

So as I am told, the story goes.....
Allen went into Daisy's stall to fill her water bucket and she somehow slipped out the gate. Initially, she went into the orchard and he tried to "lure" her to him with an apple. (uh-huh! *sigh*) Next thing he knew, she was down the front drive and out on the road.

He "sprinted" down the road after her and in the process, waved down 2 of our neighbors to come help. Within minutes, they were riding along side of him on their 4 wheelers. He said all he could do was motion forward and yell at them to GO!

Daisy continued her jaunt down Congress Road and created quite the show. Even the Amish neighbors came out to their front lawn to watch the episode. Allen was still sprinting down the road, running down the middle, flagging traffic to stop, slow down, whatever, just be careful because his a$$ was loose! He said then, people proceeded to PARK their CARS SIDEWAYS in the road as if to create a road block to prevent her from getting further.

Aww heck, she'll just cut threw lawns! She made her way about 5 or so houses down to a fenced area where a neighbor has geese, goats and other things and she proceeded to introduce herself to them through the fencing. At this point, Allen and our two neighbors on 4wheelers (which by the way, I am told Daisy didn't FLINCH at the 4 wheelers on her tail - she just threw her head up in the air!) somewhat cornered her. Mind you she had no halter on either!

Allen said the neighbors put themselves in a crouched down position with their arms out, almost like they were ready to jockey her around in a circle. (I am SURE Daisy wasn't frantic at this point!) Allen then, and these are his words, not mine!, "lasso'ed her" with the lead road and then one the neighbors proceeded to get her halter on while Allen held her in a bear hug position!

Now for the trek home. Allen said an old Amish lady commented on how fast she was! Cars that had stoped and created a road block stuck around to ask if she was ok, and by the time Allen dragged her to our driveway, our other neighbor (who is in a wheel chair) laughed and said "Run Daisy Run". HAHA - I bet it was SO funny!

So at this point, I am now pulling into the driveway to see Allen and his a$$ in our front yard, Allen dripping with sweat and Daisy happily chomping on the grass! According to Allen, later in the evening, he decided that he figured it out; Daisy was running thinking she was in a parade, going down the road, like her and Allen had done in the past. And he specifically told me this and said "Put that in your log"! Uh, hon, it is a BLOG! Not a LOG! *sigh*

So, then the farrier came out - mostly uneventful for once - thank god!

Then, for the first time, the mini's got to go out in the big pasture while the "big" horses were on the other side of it. Again, all went well. Not ONE squeal at each other through the fences and here, come to find, it seems Ms. Gypsy even has quite the crush on Mr. Romeo. She could have cared less about the grass and stood at the fence line for him the whole time. I must say, Apollo sure seemed like my angel, my golden child, for the evening....for once! They all even came back into the barn w/o a fight, chase me game or incident!

But I should have known I was not yet off the hook...the sun had not yet set.

I still had 2 dogs waiting to go for a walk. Allen went to start dinner so I took the dogs for a walk by myself through the orchard. All was well and we 3 were all walking just fine one minute, then the next thing I know, I am being dragged...literally DRAGGED, as in HEELS in the ground, butt on the dirt, being dragged across the orchard aisle. The STUPID (and mean might I add) Chow next door was in the orchard, Mossy spotted her, and was not happy about it. (Might I also add Whinny had an encounter with this Chow once in which Whinny came home with a puncture wound!!)

So there I was, on the ground, tangled in leashes and being dragged by Whinny & the Hound as they ravaged towards the Chow. All the while, the Chows owner is watching this whole escapade unfold, and while I cannot fault her since she IS in a wheelchair, she could have at least called her Damn Dog to COME HOME!

Next thing I know, as I am trying to gather the leads and make them shorter, all the while Mossy is pulling all 3 of us closer to the patiently awaiting Chow, my right hand becomes tightly wound in the line on Mossy to the point where my thumb nail is literally turning blue, I see blood coming out from under my pinky nail and I am still being dragged...LITERALLY DRAGGED, across the dirt, as Mossy stalks the Chow. And yes, the Chows owner has yet to say a peep. She might as well have popped herself a bag of popcorn for the show she was getting to watch!

At this point, all I can think is, my fingers are going to get ripped off my hand, Mossy is going to get loose and we're going to have one heck of a dog fight ;( So I do what anyone else would and start screaming, blood curling screams that you couldn't make out, calling "ALLEN!" [I am SURE the neighbors think I am a wacko by now!]

After about the 5th scream, Allen shows up and grabs the dogs. I finally get to my feet and see that my whole right hand is now BLOWN up with a blue thumb, bleeding pinky and I cannot feel any of my fingers. NOW my neighbor decides to speak and she asks if it was HER dog they were barking at!!?? WTF - ARE YOU KIDDING - SERIOUSLY!!? Is she for REAL? What does she THINK they were trying to kill while I writhed on the ground like a fish out of water!? OMG!!!

I looked at her, said very shortly, "Yes, they were going after your dog" and walked away.

Of course, had I seen the chow coming I could have been better prepared and yes, of course, if my dogs listened a little better, I would probably not be sitting her with a skinned leg and typing with one hand...on my third glass of wine....but on the flip side, if my neighbor would just keep her damn dog in her OWN yard, we'd have very fewer of these run-in's. It isn't like I don't know the land mines by the patio are NOT from my dogs!!

I think tomorrow I will attempt to spend my Friday night grocery shopping.....

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