"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dumpster Dogs

Today was a mild people watching day at the county fair. I only spotted Jesus....in tight "look at my package" jeans with a form fitting, tucked in sweatshirt. Oh hell, at least he didn't have magenta lipstick on....oh christ, now Jesus is going to be pissed at me and so I guess I have a hot seat waiting!

Anyways, I don't think I shared the other day that Mossy, our Plott Hound, threw up one of my husbands white "tube" type socks. (Not a small ankle sock is my point here!) Yes, THREW UP A WHOLE SOCK!! WTF??

I was in the shower and Allen was watching tv in another room. I get out of the shower and peek on what the dogs were doing and see something resembling lord only knows what on the floor, with Mossy staring at it! As I get closer, I think, "Is that a SOCK!? Nah, can't be......OMFG WTF it is a SOCK....A WHOLE SOCK....ALLEN!!"

So how this hound managed to swallow, never mind WHY, a whole sock, and then thankfully {I guess} throw it back up is beyond me. I know how disgusting and gagging I am when his poo is hanging by dental floss he stole out of the bathroom garbage *sigh*. I could only imagine my reaction if I was telling him "Hurry up and cut it off already", only to see a whole sock being relieved!

Not that Mossy [or Whinny for that matter] haven't chewed up, spit out or all together ate other things, but a SOCK? Speaking of which, I had a pair of dress shoes someone wanted to borrow to wear in a wedding. I hid them under my purse this morning on a kitchen chair, tucked into the table so I would not forget and so the dogs wouldn't steal. Next thing I know, Whinny is nawing the toe of the sole off one - AGH. No shoes to borrow now for that girl!

In any event, it seems we are always pulling something out of Mossy's mouth...hence my husband termed them, "The Dumpster Dogs". Yesterday it was a squeaker out of a toy, the day before that a dryer sheet, the occasional shoe, couch cushion [that took a week to pass], anything he can grab out of any garbage can and oh, let us not forget the time he got too impatient waiting for me to give him his monthly flea treatment, so he stole it off the counter and thought eating it would be a better option!

2 nights ago, I found two socks in the hall way, spaced nicely apart, one moist, the other drenched. Today I chased him around the house for the bags of chicken strip [dog treats] he had in his mouth {picture him spinning around just as I go to grab him and the whole bag breaking open and spraying doggie chicken strips all over the living room....it was like doggie pinata heaven and Whinny was right there to reap the benefits while Mossy got an earful}. Once the episode was finished, I later heard Allen chasing him around the house, only to see him prying YET ANOTHER sock out of his mouth. Seriously, where are all these socks even coming from!?

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