"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Thursday, August 27, 2009

From the outside looking in

So last night I attempted to have a girls night! My sisters wanted to see my good friend Jen's kids and vice versa. My cousin Kim and I keep attempting to have a girls night and I am the midway point (yes, believe that, in the middle of nowhere) for everyone to converge, so I opted to hold a girls night at the farm.

My husband must be preparing to tell me something terrible because he took the horses out and cleaned the stalls for me so I could get dinner going for the girls! I was very thankful for this though!

As I previously mentioned, we still seem to be having some issues with our cistern and water pump *sigh* When everyone arrived, I made them aware that it was still ok to use the toilet, but go easy on the sink water ;) And FRESH drinking water was available from the water cooler. Great way to start out a night, 'ey!

So without discussing how I was more frazzled trying to get tacos made for everyone than moms were with their crying babies, I thought I would share a few comments made from others.

Steph, my little bro's GF, bless her heart, wanted to check to make sure it was ok to use the toilet since the water in it was murky! She wanted to be sure someone didn't clog it or have #3. LOL, oh Steph - you are always good for a laugh.

Then I had an instant message conversation with my cousin this morning that went something like this....

Kim: how u holding up?
Me: lol fine! I should be used to chaos by now
Kim: u looked like u were going to cry last night
Me: Next time I know not to try and cook for larger crowds
Kim: there is no next time, next time we go somewhere else and u don't do anything
Me: lol
Me: I think i am just most worried about the water situation, i really hope when the cistern gets filled today that everything goes back to normal and there is nothing wrong with the pump
Me: Allen said to me last night "Will we ever get a chance to just relax w/o any issues?" And i said, probably not until we are snowed in and he agreed!
Kim: lol - u realize that what u guys do on that farm is like a full time job in itself
Kim: u need to just make it a working farm and live off of it
Me: LOL - yes i realize that And there is not way to make a living off it
Kim: nuts
Me: we do have a hazelnut tree, yes
Kim: hahaha - mmmmmmmm hazelnuts - make nutella {this is where I would insert a smiley of a dager going at Kim if I could}
Me: martha stewart is on the today show and i want to punch her, ONLY she can be suzie crafter/cook/entertainer because she has SLAVES to take care of her home and animals, no one has time to do things like martha
Kim: EXACTLY - she has maids and shit
Me: totally misleading [in reference to Martha]
Kim: i seriously got tired just WATCHING u run around
Me: welcome to my life
Kim: how r u not exhausted like all day every day?
Me: I AM
Kim: crazy

Yes, Kim, you are right, we are CRAZY!

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