"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Nice Un-Eventful Weekend!

For once, kinda, we enjoyed a nice, un-eventful weekend. When I say un-eventful, I basically mean no chaos & drama!

Friday I attended a seminar by "Mary Ann the Ghostbuster" with my mom and some friends from H.O.P.E. -- very interesting if you are into that kind of stuff. I started reading one of her books too and it is pretty good. Her website is http://www.maryannghostbuster.com/

Saturday I had an early adoption appointment for a horse the rescue has had for 2-some years. I was so relieved and happy that this great gelding has FINALLY found his forever home! All went well. While I was gone, Allen worked on the donkey pasture more and did some drainage around the barn. I am not even sure what we did the rest of the day! I played around with the horses for awhile and probably enjoyed a few glasses of wine afterwards ;)

Sunday we RELAXED for once. I made the executive decision; it was going to be a no farm work Sunday...with the exception of the must do's like cleaning stalls :) I took a stab at homemade marinara sauce with all the roma's we had ripening in the garden. Not bad, but still needs some work. We took the dogs on a 3 mile walk -- surprise surprise, they we're still hyper and full of energy when we got home, but when it was time for bed, they were snoring up a storm! Mossy actually did very well in the car this time -- usually he is not a fan.

I got a call from Valaree, our niece, and she wanted to know if I was very busy! My response was, "Yes, Valaree, you can come over and play with the kitties!

The kitties are Mama Esme are all doing well and all go for a check-up tomorrow.

Charlie, aka Chunky Monkey!

Val in her glory with the kittens!

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