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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bras, Boobs & A Blessing....

*Warning: If you have issues with boobs or breastfeeding, or the word boob in general, you might as well stop reading now!

I am sure this is nothing shocking to seasoned mothers; for a rookie, it deserves a blog post!

Last night was one heck of a night. I think I was lucky to get 15 straight minutes of sleep the whole night (so now I am delirious). The morning didn't pan out any better and I had plans today to get some shopping done before I have to start back to work - specially speaking, I need some nursing bras so I have a little more support than a tank top walking around in public ;)

By noon, I decided screaming or not, we had to get out the door. Made my bank stops w/o issue and got through most of Target w/o issue. Oh, well, I had issues, but the babe didn't. My intention was to get one bra in black and one bra in white. Let's be honest - I don't plan to be in this situation forever so one in each color is fine. Well, of course, they only had my size in black so it looks like I will be wearing dark colored shirts for now. Lets be honest again...by the time I get back to the store to see if they have my size now stocked in white, I may be done with a need for the nursing bra all together!

Back to the car, I was starving and seeing as I was shaking from all the coffee I had, and no food, (look, don't judge me. It was a rough night and my child isn't going to grow up with missing fingers because I overdosed on caffeine for a day!) so I had to detour to a fast food joint. (Boy, my diet gets better in every sentence!) As I was placing my order, the wailing started. And I could tell this wasn't the 'stick my pacifier in my mouth and I will shut-up' wailing, this was the 'stick a boob in my mouth and I will shut-up' wailing.

Grrrreat! I still needed to stop at the grocery store and it would be at least 25 minutes to drive home. So, I had no choice. I pulled into the grocery store parking lot and parked in the back. Then I realized a creepy lady was also parked in the back, sitting in her car, staring at my every move. So, we moved on down the road to a church parking lot, I got the babe out of his car seat and fed him! I figure, with people in America being all weird about public breastfeeding and all, the safest place to have to do it would be a church parking lot, right? I mean, really, would a nun come out and tell me to leave for indecent exposure? And just for the record, I am not the kind of breastfeeding mother who feels it is ok to whip out my boob anywhere to feed (and I am not judging those who do, I am just saying, that is not me!). If and when I am in public and I have no other choice, I will go to a bathroom stall, changing room etc .... I have no desire to publicly breastfeed just as much as I am sure you have no desire to walk by seeing it!

So, when my child decided he was content, I put him back in his car seat and headed on our merry way. We did have one more detour at the Post Office. Of course he started wailing again in there and the kindest lil' ol lady came up to me asking how old he was and what was his name etc, etc. Then she asked if she could offer him a blessing. 'Sure, why not' I said. So she proceeds to offering him a blessing, something about growing up to be strong blah blah blah. What I want to know is, why couldn't I have had that blessing too! Moms, I have come to discover first hand, need blessings to be and stay strong too!!

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Rachel said...

Absolutely! Wow, what a day.