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Friday, April 29, 2011

The [Sad] Herb Garden

This is the 'Herb Garden' as it currently stands. What a sad, sad sight!

The herbs listed that you can actually see are what wintered over - perennials. The [herbs] listed that you cannot see are what died sometime last season! As you can see, I clearly had no clue what I was doing when I planted this last year!!

I plan to relocate the Lovage. My mom said it will get fairly tall. I am considering planting it at a corner of our largest garden?

Clearly I should have taken more precaution when planting the Lemon Balm - it is just like a mint - invasive. I took a cutting from my mom and planted it where you see...and I can't say she didn't warn me :)

I do plan to plant cilantro again; I have a few seedlings started inside. (After writing this post, I went out later in the day to check out what hubby proclaimed was Cilantro growing up from last year! MY GOD he was RIGHT! How cool! Cilantro is so particular for me so the fact that it even regrew on its own is awesome in my book!)

I will keep the Oregano & Thyme and also want to replant the Dill. Seriously, who really has to 'replant' DILL!? Oh, me, of course!

The Basil I will also plant again this year, however, I am trying to do more companion planting so I think I will be planting in the garden. We had an 'regular' Basil last year as well as an heirloom Purple Basil.

The Parsely, mehhhh, I can take it or leave it. I am not a huge Parsely fan. I know a lot of people think it doesn't have much taste, but to me, it taste funky. Kind of like how I hate the way raw eggs smell .... kinda like how wet dogs smell ... mehhhhh

I believe I had some Hyssop also planted west of the Lovage too.

Anyways, I would like to plant some other things this year in the 'herb garden' too. Some of the things on my list are Tarragon, Sage (which last year was at the end of the garden - why, I do not know) and Marjoram among others. I will do Rosemary again this too; last year I just had it on the patio in a pot. I am not sure how I will do that one this year.

Guess I need to get moving on this! So how about you? How does your Herb Garden grow? I am also curious how many of you utilize companion planting - do you follow it to a 't'? Do you do some here and there? Do you want to try it but are too intimidated? We are going to attempt to companion plant all our gardens this year; last year we kinda-sorta did it on a whim :)

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Rachel said...

I wish my herb garden was growing this year, LOL! Last year we had dill, sage, (acutally, the sage is still there now), parsley, and a few others. Our stray cats peed all over the dill and I threw it away. I couldn't stand to think of that! Yuck! I definitely want more rosemary, chives, dill (I like to pick dill sprigs and place them in my flower bouquets in the house...it adds a slight pickly smell and is neat looking!), thyme, oregeno...we'll see if and when I ever get up to that! I'm trying to utilize square foot gardening...I'm not too familiar with companion planting, but I'm guessing it's somewhat similar?