"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Monday, November 14, 2011

Holisitic Healing Reiki Clinic...for horses!

This past weekend I held a Holistic Healing Arts Reiki Clinic at my place. My friend, Karen, is a certified equine massage therapist and reiki master. She was in town and offered to do the clinic if I would be willing to host. Of course I was game for this! And so was my Gypsy girl, who served as our demo horse for the clinic.

For those of you who are horse people, I follow a lot of Linda Tellington Jone's principles with her TTouch method. Reiki is kinda like that. Some of the exercises Karen used on Gypsy were very similar to things I do with her, which I thought was cool. I should preface by saying that you really don't have to be a horse person to be familiar with LTJ's TTouch method; she has books out on using the method on cats & dogs as well. Maybe even people - I can't remember for sure. But her roots are equine realted, so I know many horse people are familiar.

Watching Karen work with Gypsy was amazing. Truly - you could see the benefits of what she was doing, as she was doing it. I think those that aren't even a firm believe in the holisitic arts may have felt differentlty after watching this.

In this photo below, Karen is working on her 'throath latch' area. For horses that are ridden, and ridden by someone with a heavy hand especially, this can be a very tight area for the horse. Though Gypsy is now retired and only carries the wee ones around from time to time, she was a lesson horse for at leats 5 years that I am aware of. And in that time, she carried all kinds of riders. She is a very forgiving horse, to say the least. Apollo, not so much! But that's another topic, for another time ;)

This picture, below, is my absolute favorite! You can just see the calmness in Gypsy as Karen works with her. I can tell, throughout her whole body, that she is relaxed.

After the clinic was over and Gypsy was back in her stall, those who stuck around were able to witness the lingering effects of a Reiki treatment. Gypsy was very relaxed, calm and literally had her head resting on the stall wall. Something I have never seen her do!

And, the next day, while out in the pasture, this ol' mare was running and bucking!!! This is a sight we rarely see from Ms. Gypsy - but she was clearing feeling good!

Thanks, Karen! We loved the clinic!

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Susan said...

I love Reiki and the benefits are amazing. Kelly had a wonderful Reiki therapist, so I know first hand. I had never heard of using it with animals, but I bet it's just as beneficial. It really does take the recipient to a "better" place. XOXO