"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Thursday, August 11, 2011

7 Links - The Best Of

Emily, over at Little House on the Southern Prairie, has tagged me in the blogger chain going around regarding 'Best of Posts' within your blog. Bless her heart! Emily, don't you know how indecisive I can be when I have to choose just ONE of something!! :)

So, without further or do, here is my best attempt at choosing 'The Best Of' on The Life of a Novice!

My Most Popular Post: Really, I don't have to choose this one; it's in the stats! And I am guessing the Portabella's maybe had something to do with it?

My Most Controversial Post: Well, huh! In person, I tend to be a tad controversial I suppose! However, I don't know that I have had one controversial post on this blog. At least not that I am aware of!! [Speak up, Folks! Healthy debate is ok!] But, if I had to assume which might cause controversy, I would say, most definitely, one about rescuing animals, my feeling on how 'some' people treat their animals and toss them like their trash, and this post is a prime example. You will see this shows up in another category too - ok, off my soap box!

My Most Helpful Post: If I am going by stats, I am going to assume that my French Onion Soup recipe has been most helpful! I get a lot of hits on this one from people googling for how to make French Onion Soup! I hope my recipe has helped and also proved to be a 'go-to' recipe for those searching!

However, if I had to choose not solely going off stats, I would say this one, that 'kinda' touches on grazing your horses on Spring grass and pasture management, as it has received decent traffic from people googling topics of the like.

My Surprisingly Successful Post: Again, going by stats, this post on my winter maternity photo shoot was a surprisingly successful [to me] post! There must have been lots of prego women out there this past winter wanting ideas for maternity photo shoots in the wintertime - because they googled it and then found me!

My 'Deserves More Attention' Post: Here is where I can't, absolutely cannot make a decision on just one ;) If I had to showcase JUST ONE, it might be 'Thinking of the Others on Derby Day', with this one following closely - 'Something to Ponder - Horse Owners'. But, what I really want to say is, just search the word 'rescue' in my blog search bar and read them all!!!!

My 'Most Proud Of' Post: Again, how to choose just one? But of course, 'Apollo - Our Story - From Hell and Back' does stick out as a major proud moment for me!

My 'Most Beautiful' Post: Ha - ok, I have seriously failed at this! I can't just choose ONE! My most beautiful post? Depends! Are we talking about My Child? My Beloved Horses? Or just something that looks beautiful, like the Orchard?

Now, it is my turn to inflict this decisiveness on 5 others! Here are some bloggers, whose blogs I enjoy reading, that I'd be interested in seeing a list from! Enjoy!

Stacy Makes Cents - Stacy was all about living the frugal life and now she does it all while eating good, healthy food too! I picked up some good ideas from Stacy's blog and I bet you will too :)

Life in a Little Red Farmhouse - Kim and her family left city life behind and now she chronicles life in her 'Little Red Farmhouse' - seriously, she has a red farmhouse...and horses and dogs and goats and....! And I love reading all about her life there!

Chiot's Run - Suzy, an organic gardener, has some very educational posts that I've learned much from. I enjoy reading her daily blog for inspiration, ideas and a healthy dose if envy! Her pictures and gardens are gorgeous!

Seven Gates Farm - Debi knows what I am talking about! She runs a business, tends to horses, her farm and, when there is time, her sanity! I love reading what is going on over in her neck of the woods because, most likely, I have or will, feel her pain!!

A Rural Journal - Nancy, as she says, lives on a farms, takes photos and blogs about them. I say, Amen!


Jill said...

This was a fun way to go back to get to know you even better!

Nancy said...

Why thanks, I think. I may wait until after August Break is over to post the list (hope that's okay.)