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Monday, August 15, 2011

Harvest Monday, August 15, 2011

I don't know about you, but I am ready to rip everything out and get some Fall crops in!

In this pic below, the 'maters you see are the massive extent of our tomato harvest this season - BOO!
More cucumbers which I chopped up for another expirement in natural fermenting ;)

And more KY Wonder Pole Beans.

And more peppers. I am not even going to attempt to indetify any of these, aside from some Jalepenos that are in there somewhere. Our pepper patch isn't following our layout at all ;)

And, 3 heads of cabbage. Which were promptly cut up for Sauerkraut :)

I am looking for suggestions; Suggestions on what kind of Garlic to plant.
What kind is your favorite or your go-to garlic that you plant every year?
I was considering Music, Spanish Roja or Oregon Blue. Have you tried one of these varieties and if so, what has your experience with them been?

And, check out what other gardener's are harvesting this week over at Daphne's Dandelions!


Jill said...

I've never planted garlic so I'm no help. Sorry!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

This is the first time I heard about that variety of garlics. Hopefully, someone else can share their experience with you. Enjoy your sauerkraut. Nice harvest.

kitsapFG said...

I planted Music last year and got a very nice harvest of it this summer. It's a nice big bulb and a good "garlic" taste. I will be planting it again this fall.

Sorry the tomatoes were not a producer for you this year - but the cabbage, peppers, and beans seem to be performing well for you.

Bee Girl said...

I'm right there with you - totally ready for some fall planting! I put one row of kale in today but I'm SO ready for more!!! I wish I could help you with the garlic question! Last year I purchased a huge organic head (soft neck) at the Farmer's Market and stuck it's cloves in the ground! This year I'll use the cloves grown from those (yay!) as well as a head (hard neck) we got through our CSA. I have no idea what either of them are called, I just know they're yummy :-) Good luck in your search! I'm curious to see what you choose!

Vanessa said...

I'm impressed by the peppers. It seems that I am unable to grow them, I am in year three of pitiful peppers. Next year I might try them in pots. I'll be curious to see what information you get on garlic because I am interested in trying something new mine are always tiny.

Barbie~ said...

Ah well some is better than none, right? Besides - there is always next year! Enjoy your sauerkraut!

David Velten said...

It has been a tough growing season all over the country, so don't get discouraged. Just get those fall crops planted (wish I could but it is going to rain here in New England almost all week).

Sauerkraut is an interesting choice for your cabbage, I have never made it but I'm a big kraut lover. My tendency would have been to make coleslaw and throw a Boston butt on the smoker for pulled pork :-)

I don't plant garlic because I can not devote the space to it. The one tip I can give you is be sure you buy certified disease-free bulbs from a reputable dealer. There is a fungal disease (Allium white rot) that will infect the soil and make it impossible to grow garlic for at least 2-3 decades. It is not worth the risk to plant cloves from an unknown source. (See for example, http://www.sunjournal.com/franklin/story/1062892).

foodgardenkitchen said...

We haven't planted those varieties of garlic so I have no advice on them, but if you want garlic scapes, be sure you plant hardneck varieities as softnecks do not send up scapes.

Bummer that the tomatoes are not working out for you :( But at least your beans and peppers are producing!

I hope your ponies are doing well :)

RandomGardener said...

I had to smile at the yellowed cucumber. We can't find ours between all those leaves, and when we do, it has started to change colors too! I bought our 1 garlic at a farmers market, so no idea of the variety, but it produced well and will be replanted this year!

Shawn Ann said...

I'll be interested to see what you choose for garlic. I am going to order some as well! Your harvest looks lovely. I feel your frustration for your tomatoes. It stinks to have something fail in the garden. Mine would probably be squash this year.

Mac said...

I feel your frustration, I have similar problems with my tomatoes this year. I gave up on the Cherokee Purple and pulled the plant. Only the cherry toms are doing well, maybe I should stay withe the small fruit variety.

I'm starting to clean up couple veggie beds for fall planting, I seeded some root crops and lettuce yesterday.

Liz said...

I like your smiley shaped cucumbers. As for garlic the one I grow goes by the not very romantic name of Italian Common, your potential varieties seem much more glamourous - personally I think any homegrown garlic is good garlic though.

Mrs. Farmer said...

I love that your peppers got away from you - hilarious!

We have the opposite here. Our tomatoes are doing well (just now starting to blush, since we are on a mountain), but the peppers refuse to get big and sweet- they stay small and bitter until the rain or a dog takes them down).

We will be making our 3rd attempt at garlic this fall. We haven't had any success yet, so I can't make a recommendation about variety. Good luck!

Lori Skoog said...

We grow German White Garlic and have for many years. This year we had a great crop (2500). My husband sells the biggest as seed stock and the rest as table stock. It sells out quickly. We have had Music too.