"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cat Fight Continued

Ok, sorry about that. I just couldn't bring myself to tell a story by the time I sat down last night to type ;)

So, let's 'reconvene' and get back to what I tried to start yesterday.

First things first - all that wonderfully warm weather we experienced a few weeks back pushed our orchard trees 2 weeks ahead of schedule and now, with these terrible evening frosts, we cannot keep on our fungicide spray schedule and the frost is really doing some damage to our blooms :( We don't quite know yet how much of the crop may be lost.

I have been working all week on an urgent case of horse neglect. We (the rescue I volunteer with) were contacted by a local APL group to help with a case of 12 horses in severe neglect....which means I need to find 12 foster homes/stalls asap. I am still working on it, but I must say the networking in the horse community just by me sending out one email and facebook post has been unbelievably wonderful! If anyone reading this has played a part in networking, thank you thank you thank you.

And now, for my husbands nightly drama ;) Of course, anytime I don't come home straight from work, my phone is bound to ring with some kind of "issue". Last night, it was regarding our cats! You all know Savannah - the farm manager, the killer barn cat. You can read one of her latest episodes here.....and most of you know Mag-Pie :) Our newest addition, who is an indoor cat and doesn't like other cats! Or just check out both their profiles here!

I believe I have mentioned on here before that they fight through the patio door. No big deal with the glass between them; a tad more of an issue when I leave just the screen door between them. (My poor screen. I'd be too embarrassed to post a pic of it!) So, as the 'vague' story goes, Allen looked over to the house last night and realized the screen door was open, heard some noise and then looked over to the herb garden and saw black. He realized it was Maggie. Maggie had somehow gotten out of the house AND she was fighting with Savannah in the herb garden. OY!

So, Allen runs over and they both then proceed to run in the house!! Maggie ran behind the couch and Savannah ended up running back outside. Allen tried to check Maggie to see if she was ok and she keep 'sassing' him and wouldn't let him near her. By the time I came home, Ms. Priss, aka Savannah, was standing in stoic form next to Allen in the garage. Maggie was back at the screen door and let me scoop her right up and love her.

All seems fine. *sigh* But never a dull moment.

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