"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is your house a home?

Last night Cindy, our momma cat, was picked up to try and become a hero to 3 babies whose momma was hit by a car. Her kittens don't need her anymore, so it seemed like a hopeful option. [I'll let ya know if she came through and accepted the new kittens like her own]

So, great ladies from Kitten Krazy came out to my place to pick Cindy up. When they arrived, I was just walking Gypsy out to the pasture....in blue sweats, a green turtle neck {hey, it's windy and in the 50's} and a stained hooded jacket! I am sure I looked real presentable...as many of my family members always remind me. My response is always "hey I wanna look beautiful for my horses" ;)

So, after I get the horses out, we descend into the house to get Cindy. da da dummmmm! The majority of our floors are wood, not carpeted, so living on a farm and having two dogs and an indoor cat, plus shedding season in the barn, I must vacuum daily! I hadn't yet vacuumed yesterday as I usually do it after dinner. I had laundry all over the kitchen table that I was folding from the night prior but then got too tired to put away. I had grocery bags all over the kitchen counters because feeding animals comes first when we get home ;)

Even the kitten room hadn't yet had it's even cleaning. Would they be mortified?! Would they scream and run away? Nah...they know the drill! They understand how it goes.

So I ask, is your house a home? Does your home look lived in? Or does it look pristine and untouchable? My home might not make it into the pages of a Country Living magazine anytime soon, but it is a HOME and that works for me :)

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suzanne said...

Hello Alison

Your post is a good one. Is my house a home..We threw away our last lounge suite due to chocolate stains and a shiney tinge where Aaron usually sits. We had our home re decorated a year and a bit ago. I warned every little body including the furry fluffy ones not to dare sit and eat on the new lounge suite...that lasted all of three weeks. As we speak, Brogan has her legs drapped over the back eating a bright red berry ice lollie..poodle has just rolled in some bird pooh she found on the grass and is sitting with Brogan waiting for some berry lollie hand out. So , I agree house or home??I will always route for the home any day. We have friends who come over for lunch now and again...I can guarantee our friend craig will fall asleep on the couch with out fail...I think that says something about him enjoying my home hey..

Thank you so much for the email Alison..I fell in love with the music the day I fell in love with Mr Darcy in the movie..Sigh~

A happy day to you and all your little animal friends.